You take some of our building blocks, pass in some data and get new data back. The first building blocks include:
  • Optical character recognition - get text out of images
  • Image recognition - find objects in images
  • Face detection - spot faces in images
  • Text mining - N.L.P. and clustering
We'll post some demos soon - the first include:
  • plant nameplate recogniser to identify plants whilst walking in public gardens (1)
  • a mobile app to recognise artwork and pull up the artist's web page
  • car license plate recogniser that lets you search eBay for similar cars

We're running a closed alpha service. Sign-up below if you'd like to receive an invitation. Even better - write to us (after signing up) and tell us why you want to use our service - we really want to understand your needs and use cases.

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RESTful API Use our RESTful API (along with our language bindings) to easily upload images, video and audio and to call the tools and then download the results to your machine. This interface makes prototyping web, server-side and mobile applications as simple as calling a couple of URLs. You don't need to install anything, you can even test the building blocks without logging in. Experiment and play There's nothing to install (and no C++, Matlab or R to learn) so you're free to play with your ideas. We handle the scaling and we'll add new building blocks when you tell us what's missing. We're building this out of our experience with A.I. consulting and the A.I. Cookbook, we want you to have access to our toolkit. Coming soon
  • Machine learning
  • Face recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Behavior recognition (in cooperation with mSpy)

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